Discover the Vista Bar Café and Artisan Restaurant now!

Dining area in Vista Bar Cafe at The View Eastbourne

Vista Bar Café

Make a stop in the Vista Bar Café for some food and drinks while admiring the sea from our stunning floor-to-ceiling windows.

Dining setup for 2 in Artisan Restaurant at The View Eastbourne

Artisan Restaurant

For a more formal occasion, celebration, or a little bit of indulgence on your holiday or work trip, visit our Artisan Resturant for some delicious dining with panoramic views of the sea.

Dining arranged in Artisan Restaurant at The View Eastbourne

Artisan Sunday Carvery Roast

The View Hotel's Carvery Lunch is back! We love a quality carvery, it has a different rhythm from the everyday hustle and bustle of lunch, and it seems we’re not alone!

Room Service

Offering dining experiences to match the best restaurants in Eastbourne all in the comfort of your bedroom.